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Hello everyone. For those of you who played Disney's Toontown Online, I am sure you have heard of the tragic end. September 19th 2013 is the final day... Well, until then, we all have free access. I don't see a point honestly. What is the point? We won't have any of that we have achieved or done. We won't have our friends, pets, gags, clothes, accessories, or any of those things! In my opinion, Disney is to happy go lucky about closing one of many people's favorite childhood game. I played Toontown ever since I was 6. It's been out for 10 years. I'm 17. But, I was there for the Beta Version. Anyways, I'm so upset that they are closing it ): I wish we could do something to stop it. But unfortunately, we can't. Disney is only interested in one thing, MONEY. The reason they are closing it, so I've heard, is for many reason. 1) Updates for other games. 2) The game is to old and no one plays. 3) It's all for Club Penguin. 4) No money is going towards the game. Well this is probably because you charge $9.95 a month! PER PERSON!!!! That's not for one account where you can play as different toons! Most people have two or three kids. Some parents even play with there kids! So the average household is probably spending $40.00 a month! You might as well just spend the 75.95 or 79.95 whatever it is for the whole year for each person! I mean seriously? Come on Disney! I personally think they will regret doing this. Everyone will be complaining, if they have not already been doing so. I have also heard rumors of a Toontown 2 or Toontown 2.0. According to a article I read, Disney paid someone to remake Toontown. If they do decide to make a Toontown 2, it's suppose to be released in 2015 or 2016. Though, I highly doubt they'll even make it. Like I said, they only want money. So why would they spend it on something that "doesn't make enough"? Well, I'm done bragging and complaining. But one more thing, I doubt it will work, but there is a petition to save Toontown. The final day is September 5th 2013. If they get enough before then, they will send it to Disney to show how many people love and care about the game. So if you're a fan, why not try? (: Bye bye now!


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Are you on toontown, and do you do warriors RP? o.o I saw one of your pictures, looked veeeery familiar
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I used to read The Warriors books I loved them :D
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